Facial Masques

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HerbeAll natural face masques, made with freshly dried fruits, veggies, flowers, and herbs! Just add water, apply, and relax. 

The hottest trend in DIY skincare is customizing your routine. Influencers around the world flock to social media to show off their homemade masking skills, and now you can join the club!

Powdered face masques are particularly unique in that you can create your perfect facial, fresh and preservative free in seconds on YOUR schedule in the comfort of your own home. 

Begin with our freshly dried masque packets and customize your mask to meet your personal needs. You can keep it simple by adding water to get your perfect consistency, or you can get complex! Researching ingredients like goat's milk, yogurt, brewed tea, and more will give your skin exactly what's been craving. Our masque fans even add mashed avocado, whisked egg whites, bananas, or oats to add nutrients and moisture to create their preferred texture, consistency, and results. The combinations are endless!

Directions are provided on each masque packet on how to mix a basic, skin nourishing treatment. Depending on the texture and consistency you prefer, most users get 10 to 15 fresh, personalized facials per pouch! To enhance your home spa self care time, check out our silicone masque mixing bowls and applicator brushes for easy mixing and easier clean up. 

Clayopatra- The height of exquisite beauty. Clay balances and rejuvenates, leaving skin smooth. This blend of 4 clays is safe for all skin types. (This masque is a MUST HAVE for us here at Rolling Stops!)

Pudding- Face mud! The classic mud masque... with a twist! Mud draws out impurities and hydrates skin perfectly. Good for all skin types.

Midnight- Cleanse and detox your skin. Release impurities and rebalance skin for that star lit glow. Great for stressed or acne prone skin.

Check out our Facial Masque Cheatsheet for ingredients, and keep an eye out for more of these fantastic masques coming soon.